10 Ways to A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a divine union of souls, and the fulcrum of your existence. A happy marriage will surely make your life more fulfilling and complete. Here are some tips to guide you towards a happy marriage. It is rightly said that “marriages and made in heaven but are celebrated hereRead More


A happy marriage is about giving, not receiving!

Vinaya Gopaal Award-winning singer Sujatha Mohan opens up about the love of her life, Dr V Krishna Mohan, and the importance of space in every relationship. When did you both first meet? That was when I was 7 years old and he was 19! Although my memory of the episodeRead More


10 Reasons to Get Married

Most of us have certain moments of bliss in our married life. We sometimes tend to ponder on the nice things we can do or did as a couple. Here is a list of some such endearing and shared moments, which can be reasons for getting married.Read More


Getting to know your partner after marriage

Your spouse is your best friend, soulmate and the one with whom you will share life’s journey. It’s important to get to know your husband or wife better as they’re a special friend who will be with you forever. We thought a little guidance here might help newlyweds.Read More